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Serving Iowa and Omaha for over a decade, Centurion Stone has the experience and quality stone materials you need for your next project. Our stone is manufactured to the highest quality standards in our state-of-the-art facility in Nashville. With over 200,000 sq. ft. of stocked inventory,  Centurion Stone is equipped to assist homeowners and contractors with new builds and remodel projects. Centurion Stone of Iowa and Centurion Stone of Omaha are the only 2 licensed dealers in Iowa and Nebraska. We retail our products out of both locations as well as offer turn-key service for your project.

Quality doesn’t end with our products; we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled service. All of our masons are fully insured and provide a one-year limited warranty on their stone installation. The skilled team at Centurion Stone works with customers, providing field measurements, estimating blueprints, and assisting with stone selection to perfectly complement each individual customer’s style and elevate the value of their project.

Centurion Stone has set the bar high in the construction industry for quality stone products for virtually every application imaginable. Centurion Stone products are manufactured to look and feel like natural stone because they are made from natural stone patterns. The manufacturing process has been perfected to provide even more options in colors, textures, and patterns than natural stone! Many customers are attracted to the reduced weight and cost of Centurion Stone products and appreciate the wide selection we offer. Centurion Stone also provides a complete line of accessories to enhance all our stone veneer varieties.

Whether you’re looking for manufactured stone veneer, thin brick, or natural stone, come visit our showroom today! We have everything you need!

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We strive to provide great customer service.

“Have referred these guys on several occasions…nothing but excellent work and they do travel the state!”

Bryce Hustedt | Satisfied Homeowner

“The people that work there are very knowledgeable and take the time to discuss the different stone options that look best for whatever you want in or outside your home. I highly recommend them!!!”

Misty Cooper | Satisfied Homeowner

We worked with Centurion stone as a sub for our custom home and they were professional and hardworking. Their selection is so customizable. The end result was stunning.”

Hannah Shiplett | Satisfied Designer